with Lyndsey Hicks

Note from the editor:

Welcome to  the DDR Spotlight! We’re examining the myriad of songs found in the Dance Dance Revolution series from the very first mix all the way to SuperNova.

Download the current DDR glossary. Just in case you ever wondered what some of the terms mean, we've compiled a dictionary, courtesy of the now-defunct DDR Freak.


The DDR Spotlight songs in video form.

Artist: D.J. Rich feat. Tail Bros.

Difficulty: 5/6/8

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 128


Super Star is a fun song that manages to stay on beat, especially in the Heavy stepchart. Be careful of the jackhammers in several sections, which require you to carefully time out the jackhammers into runs shortly afterward. The song is a slow burn of runs and circles around the pad, so try to conserve as much energy in the runs.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: 200

Difficulty: 6/7/8

Chosen difficulty: Standard

BPM: 200


Paranoia Evolution is a speedy Paranoia variation that focuses on triplets and runs throughout the steps for most of the difficulties. The main thing to take away from this is not letting the speed become intimidating. If it does, you will fail the song easily because of lack of stamina. The other tricky part to worry about is the liberal amount of jumps sprinkled throughout.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: Naoki featuring Paula Terry

Difficulty: 4/5/9

Chosen difficulty: Standard

BPM: 160


Broken My Heart is a fun song that has interesting steps from the beginning, no matter the chosen difficulty. In the Standard steps, there are a lot of triplets to mix things up and jumps that test your ability to sightread and understand the beat of the song. This is another in a long line of Naoki songs that feature steps that match vocalist Paula Terry’s lyrics, so listening to the song ahead of playing any of the steps will prove to be a tremendous benefit.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2