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It is highly recommended to focus on the Support and Defense tiers of the Talent Tree before using any skills in the Offense tier. This is because the Support and Defense tiers can and will save your team before any of the Offense skills will at any given time. Offense has its place but nothing in the tiers will ever come close to the same usefulness as say Shinnok's Teachings or Revenant. Offense is still useful because not everyone plays the same way, and neither should you.

Offense Tier 1
Mantis Stance:
This skill is the best choice as it increases damage of blocked attacks by 10 percent if mastered. Since the AI tends to block a lot more now and getting unblockable attacks are relatively hard even with block-breaking gear, it's the one to go for. Increasing basic damage boost or ignoring toughness are relatively poorer choices.
Working with Talent Points
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Earning Talent Points

There is only one source of earning talent points: SHAO KAHN’S TOWER. Before you play the tower for the first time, you are given two talent points to start. The tower has 100 battles with increasing difficulty, and you are rewarded one talent point for winning each battle.

However, you are limited to playing three matches each day by default. However, you can play more than three matches by spending 50 souls to refresh the limit, and this can be done twice in a 24-hour period, which increases your limit to nine matches a day if you decide to spend souls to progress at a much faster rate.
Investing Talent Points

On completing Shao Kahn’s Tower, you are rewarded with a total of 102 talent points which you can spend any way you like. There are two areas of the talent tree in each category where talent points can be invested, unlocking skill tiers and buying skills and their upgrades.

There are seven skill tiers in each category and there are a total of 20 skills to choose from. The first six tiers have three skills each to choose from and the seventh tier has two skills. The first tier is unlocked by default, and you are allowed to invest in one of the three available skills. To unlock the subsequent tiers, you are required to buy a skill in the current tier that is accessible to you and then spend five Talent Points. This is done by clicking the Add button at the bottom left of the tree. You are given a choice of spending one, three or five Talent Points towards unlocking the next tier. Selecting the five-point option will automatically unlock the next tier.

Additionally, skills can also be upgraded as well to increase the effect beyond what the skill provides at default. There are five upgrade levels and each upgrade costs one Talent Point, so a skill costs five Talent Points to master. To have a 100 percent complete tree in a category, you have to buy and master seven skills and also unlock six tiers in the process. This will cost a total of 65 Talent Points. To have 100 percent completion in all three categories, the cost is 195 Talent Points.
Choosing skills and upgrades

This is the most crucial part of the whole talent tree system, and it requires careful planning of knowing what skills to invest in. This requires a thorough understanding of your own play style, the kind of characters you use and knowing which skills from the list will bring the most benefit to the majority of the cards you use more often in Faction Wars.

You cannot purchase more than one skill in a tier per category at a given time, so you are only allowed to choose seven out of the 20 skills in a category. The fact that you only have 102 Talent Points to spend means that it is possible to master seven skills only in one of the three categories.

After having a look at all of the available skills across all three categories, investing Talent Points more in the DEFENSE and SUPPORT categories is highly recommended.