Credit: Murdoink @ Mortal Kombat Warehouse for all background, logo art and character renders/


Covert Ops Cassie Cage
: Gold
Tier: 3

Covert Ops Cassie Cage has one thing going for her: A 25 percent chance of unblockable attacks for Spec Ops teammates. Her gimmick is about team synergy so placing her with the right Spec Ops folks and other stackable gear will make fights go faster with increased hits for potentially more damage. Link her up with the right people and this Gold standby can take you far.

Circle of Shadow Liu Kang
: Diamond
Tier: 4

Circle of Shadow Liu Kang is a beast once he's powered up. His passive - Overwhelming Darkness - puts him close to the top echelon simply because it causes Stun immediately at the beginning of the match. He's also especially dangerous in Faction Wars because of his Lethal Blow buff that can help restore health. Overall, he's another version of the Chosen One, which means he's a force to be reckoned with and a highly prized character to build around.
Class: Bronze
Tier: 2

The Monk is useful in the Bronze class when you need a good card as a sacrificial lamb. His passive, which provides a bar of Power to his teammates upon death, is helpful if you have other cards that thrive on Specials. If the other cards can carry the load, let the Monk tank to get the bar. Otherwise, use him only when needed and sparingly at that. There are far more useful Bronze class cards available.
Tier Rankings
Lower tier

Tier 1: Garbage tier. This tier is for cards that don't do a lot of damage or contribute with their passives, even with add-ons from Shao Kahn's Tower or gear. Use these only if you absolutely are required. These mostly consist of the bronze and silver characters, except for Kenshi Prime.

Tier 2: Slight useful. Their passives either contribute or a special move is useful in service of another card. They can be made to be somewhat useful with gear and add-ons and higher fusions, but they struggle to be useful even with the best gear.
Middle tier

Tier 3: A solid mid-level card. These cards are useful in passives and special moves. They can hold their own on point and win matches.

Tier 4: An above-average card. These are highly useful and can be used in any of the Challenge Towers (Shirai Ryu, Lin Kuei, etc.) and are more than capable of holding down a roster spot and surviving against high-level cards if they’re close in level. These cards have excellent special moves and do a lot of damage quickly.
Upper tier

Tier 5: The top echelon of cards. These cards are the best in the game, and their special moves and passives have game-breaking potential. They are the cards that you buy packs for and try to build up for Challenge Towers and will potentially make it to the 170 and higher levels of a tower at even a low fusion. They are mostly diamonds, but there are a few gold cards in the mix.