From the editor

Lyndsey Hicks, editor-in-chief

Welcome back to GI after our yearlong hiatus. It’s been a long year full of non-video game events (Surprise, we’re engaged! Surprise, we’re going back to school for something non-journalism related!) and time for ideas to form and percolate for Gaming Insurrection.

We, quite frankly, needed that year off. We had been operating nonstop for the past eight years, and there was so much that happened in those eight years that we were long overdue for a break lest we burnt ourselves out. I try not to bring personal difficulties into GI’s realm, but the disintegration of my marriage, change of career, death of my mother and decision to go back to school within a four-year time frame was too much strain. The combination of those things led to a lack of motivation and time to focus on what I used to love to do. I stopped enjoying the hobby of producing GI and many of my other hobbies, mostly because emotionally, I no longer had an anchor. Producing GI became too much to do in what is, in reality, a small amount of time.

But, we’re back and more energized and organized. We have several new things coming up in the next couple of quarters and we’re celebrating the birthday of Gaming Insurrection. Nine years ago, I began GI in earnest in my kitchen, which is where I am writing this column now. It began as a small idea between partners — one with journalism know-how — and has grown into something wonderful and unique. While the partners and those who work on it may have changed, the idea is still the same: For gamers, by gamers. And it will continue to be that way for the years to come.

At the same time that I began Gaming Insurrection, I also started playing what this quarter’s cover story is about: Dance Dance Revolution. More accurately, we’re looking at the game in a different light than previous issues: Stepmania, the spiritual “PC version” that allows any song to be turned into a DDR mix. Stepmania has been around since at least 2003, and it’s still popular today as a way to play DDR when there isn’t an official machine nearby. We’re exploring the ins and outs of play, how to set up the program and why it’s so fun to use.

With the return to our roots and a fresh start talking about one of our favorite apps and series, I hope to get the next chapter of Gaming Insurrection’s life started off right.

Enjoy the issue.


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Gaming Insurrection began in 2002 in Editor-in-Chief Lyndsey Hicks' kitchen as a side project to sharpen her print journalism skills while in college. After a six-year hiatus, GI was restarted and enhanced with a redesign and addition of staff.


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LYNDSEY HICKS is co-founder and editor-in-chief of GI. She enjoys watching various anime with her significant other, editing any and everything, picking apart the wild world of Pandora within Borderlands, devouring anything Harry Potter related and planning random anime con visits. Lyndsey resides in
Columbia, S.C.



editor-at-large for GI.

Brandon writes reviews when the mood strikes him, produces the quarterly Otaku Corner column for The Strip and enjoys buying games and anime with his significant other. Brandon resides in Columbia, S.C.