MK Mobile Statistics
Number of cards owned: 158 Total number of cards: 162 Percentage owned: 97.5%
Cards missing (as of press time): MK11 Nightwolf Ace of Knaves The Joker Lizard Noob Saibot Lizard Jade
Welcome to a small tournament called Mortal Kombat ... Hello all, I’m a longtime Mortal Kombat enthusiast who dived headlong into the world of MK Mobile in 2018. This new section delves into the intricacies of character card collection, fusions and team creation for towers. Look for information on the basics to get you started and how to conquer the 100-level Shao Kahn’s Tower to help you when you’re ready to take on the challenging themed towers.
Shao Kahn’s Tower A challenging 100-story tower that rewards Koins, Souls, Spirit Fragments and Talent Tree Points. Sometimes with unique conditions to overcome, the matches will test your strategy skills and ability to form teams suited to the challenge. Matches are in increments of three before a refresh is needed to continue. We also will approach this Tower as the warmup to the various Normal and Fatal towers that appear to get you prepped for the real thing. Individual tower match guides, team formation and strategy will be discussed.
Talent Tree Guide The ultimate helper in keeping your teams on top is the Talent Tree. Skills will help you stay alive longer, boost your team’s damage output or take less damage against the myriad conditions thrown at you in various modes. Talent Tree points are earned in Shao Kahn’s Tower and can help change the tide of battle. The talents you unlock give bonuses to your entire account. We will break down the best choices in the three tree branches and help you chart a path to a well-balanced fighting squad for nearly any situation.
Kharacter spotlight Who you have fighting on your side is important, and character analysis helps you stay victorious in Mortal Kombat Mobile. We’re going to look at all available characters, their strengths and weaknesses with rankings for each. We will also spotlight team synergy; who you work with can determine if you’re working at all.
Credit: Murdoink @ Mortal Kombat Warehouse for all background, logo art and character renders/